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Welcome to Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell (CSPC)

Established in 2008, the Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell is an institutional interface aimed at effectively addressing the livelihood issues of communities affected by salinity in the state of Gujarat. The Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell is a joint initiative of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India), Ambuja Cement Foundation and Sir Ratan Tata Trust. The CSPC has been recognized as an important stakeholder in salinity mitigation initiative by the Government of Gujarat and is convenor of the state level Steering Committee established by Water Resource Department, Government of Gujarat.

A process of rapid sea water ingress is observed along the 1600 km long coastline of Gujarat; which is mainly due to large scale ground water extraction for agriculture as well as industrial purposes. The problem of salinity thus has caused social as well as economic unrest among the coastal communities. The CSPC tries to enhance the quality of life of coastal communities through developing and strengthening various interventions focusing on thematic areas such as access to safe drinking water and sanitation, natural resource management and promotion of sustainable agriculture practices in saline conditions and non-farm based livelihoods in partnership with government, civil social organizations and other stakeholders.

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