Coastal Salinity

CSPC is a link to strengthen the rural livelihoods by developing and nourishing various initiatives of the government and civil society organizations with the local communities, thereby enhancing the quality of life of coastal communities in the state. The members of the CSPC has its focus to develop sustainable models for salinity ingress prevention and mitigation to enhance livelihood resilience of 75,000 households across 525 villages (~30% of total potential communities) in coastal Gujarat by 2020.

How we work:

We are leading a fast-growing communities based on the local leaders, business experts, influencers and other change agents working towards the same philosophy – To promote greater interaction and learning between practitioners, researchers and policymakers so that the unique problem of coastal salinity is understood, solutions implemented and policies and programs modified or formulated to scale up settlements in the state.

CSPC is extensively working on the three broad themes across the state,