Agriculture & Livelihood
Implementation of various interventions in the field to mitigate the effect of the salinity ingress. Building the capacity of the small and marginal farmers to combat salinity ingress. Enhancing the efficiency of irrigation through promotion of Micro Irrigation System (MIS), Laser Irrigation, and Furrow Irrigation.
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Safe drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene are essential to health, survival, growth and development. Even today many those who are marginalised are deprived of basic amenities. Through the years of intervention, CSPC has endeavoured to provide rural communities with access to safe drinking water and toilet facilities.
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Water Resource Management
To prevent & mitigate salinity ingress, by enhancing the community’s capacities for adopting rainwater harvesting and water saving practices on a sustainable basis through community institutions.
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Designing the interventions at various levels to bring about impact to the primary level of education, which includes initiation of volunteer classes, library set up in schools and developing the teaching learning materials for the school teachers.
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Welcome to Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell

Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell has been implementing its mandated activities aimed at developing itself as the knowledge bank on issues related to coastal salinity in Gujarat, networking and developing linkages with the government and other agencies and Idea incubation and piloting of area specific innovations and community approaches for addressing salinity related issues in coastal Gujarat. 


Case Stories

Improvement in Agriculture and Livelihood of Farmers following the Construction of the Barbatana Check Dam in Rajula Block

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the livelihoods of farmers residing in Rajula Taluka, located in the Amreli District of Gujarat....
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Revolutionizing Farming: Moisture Meter unleashes water productivity.

Bala Bhai, a resident of the Dharidi village, is the owner of an 8-acre plot of land. With a keen focus...
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“Changing the perception towards Menstruation”

Name: Jayaben Age: 37 Years Village: Borla, Talaja-Bhavnagar Occupation: Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker “I got very scared and worried...
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Integrated watershed management scheme Shri Khatabhai Bhuva

Watershed Management Watershed management is a holistic approach which aims at optimizing the use of land, water and vegetation in an...
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Background: MangalbhaiHamabhaiLadumor, a 60 Years old farmer living in Mota Ringaniyala village, in the coastal village of Rajula block of Amreli...
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The hardship of water has made the hard target of community contribution possible

“There is no straight path for the weak-minded traveler,The Himalayas do not even bother the hard-hearted traveler” The above-mentioned fact has...
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Impact Stories

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