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Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell (CSPC) works in the coastal regions to evolve sustainable solutions for adressing the multifaceted challenges of salinity ingress. Salinity is an emerging global problem which adversely affects lives and livelihoods of coastal communities. As per Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 11% of arable and 53% of groundwater resources have turned saline.

CSPC, works with the unique mandate of knowledge creation on salinity mitigation and adaption issues through both research and implementation to improve the quality of life of coastal communities. The organisation facilitates knowledge management, implementation of large-scale development projects and undertakes policy advocacy for effective policies on mitigation and adaptation of salinity.

CSPC works as a multi-collaborative impact platform by forging linkages between CSOs, government and academic institutions to catalyse efforts by ensuring synergy of efforts. For more than a decade now, CSPC has emerged as a veritable knowledge repository on coastal salinity though years of field implementation experience and evidence backed research.