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Dairy development is basically human development -Dr. Varghese Kurien

Animal husbandry has been a traditional livelihood activity for Coastal Gujarat and has remained a salient pillar of rural production system. It is an important contributor to household income in coastal regions too with 70% of small and marginal families involved in milch animal rearing. However, unscientific animal rearing and management practices result in significant loss of income to the farmers.

In addition, Saline water and unavailability of irrigation severely affects availability of green fodder in summer months. This leads to a sharp decline in milk production during the harsh summer affecting farmers’ income. In absence of extension services, majority cattle rearers have not adopted practices such as regular vaccination, ration balance feeding, proper calving interval and calf rearing practices. The incorrect management practices often result in high input cost and low productivity of cattle.

CSPC is striving to develop dairy animal rearing as a remunerative income generating activity through various interventions such as Infertility treatment, Feed management, and Forward linkages with cooperative dairies.

Some of the Key interventions in animal husbandry are listed below.

Infertility Treatment

Health camps are organized in programme villages to treat infertility and farmers are provided with on-call veterinary services. Proper management and hand holding support is provided to the farmer to effectively tackle infertility. Awareness on reproductive health is generated through trainings which inform farmers about ideal milking duration, inter-calving interval, calf rearing to avoid infertility and artificial insemination, etc.

Feed Management

In order to ensure balance feeding in absence of green fodder, alternate techniques for ensuring green fodder access namely Azola and Silage production are promoted. Training programmes are conducted on balanced feed management and demonstrations are held to promote fodder security throughout the year.

Milk Marketing

CSPC also helps farmers in establishing strategic marketing linkages with dairy cooperatives and FPOs. The organisation has in partnership with MAAHI dairy has established 85 such Milk Pooling Points across coastal blocks.

Vet On call

The vetnary doctor working with CSPC also provides much needed treatment and medical advice to the small and marginal farmers of our operational geography wherein the animal husbandry project is being implemented. The farmers are also supported through provisioning of basic medicines by the CSPC vet team in course of treatment.