Designing the interventions at various levels to bring about impact to the primary level of education, which includes initiation of volunteer classes, library set up in schools and developing the teaching learning materials for the school teachers.

Education has the power to transform the children into accountable and self-reliant adults. Education of children from marginalised com¬munities is impacted to lack of livelihood op¬tions for the families living in the areas affected by salinity. In general, education pro¬vides an opportunity to build a groundwork on which one can accomplish greatness.

CSPC has designed interventions at various lev­els to bring about impact to the primary level of education.The primary focus areas of the education initiative have been bridging the gap between drop-out children and schools and improving the learning levels by adhering to quality parameters and innovative teaching methods.

Education intervention was initiated by CSPC in Okhamandal block of the Devbhoomi Dwarka district of Gujarat. The literacy is affected due to high migration of families for economic reasons. Education program nurtures the youth by providing open access to quality education using a multipronged approach. Focus of education intervention is on three aspects.

Teacher’s professional development

Academic Leadership for Headmasters

Community engagement