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Our strategy

> Our strategy

Ecological and livelihood security is the foundation on which sustainable food security has to be built.

CSPC functions as a mutli-collaborative impact platform with knowledge creation on the unique issues of salinity ingress issues and possible solutions as its main agenda. We aim  to facilitate cross learnings, create knowledge products, undertake innovative pilots and design large scale programs to be implemented across salinity ingress hit geographies.

Coping with Salinity

• Managing drinking water quality through technological solutions
• Promotion of saline resistant and low water intensive crops and fodder
• Promoting alternative livelihood through mariculture and non-farm livelihoods: especially to small and marginal farmers

Preventing further salinity ingress

• Rain water harvesting and ground water recharge with strong technical back support
• Promote water use efficiency measures

Knowledge collaboration between and among CBOs, civil society organizations and government

• Advocacy and partnership building with the government
• Awareness and behavioural change through community institutions