About Us

“Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.”

About Us

In 2002, in an effort tofacilitate a solution to the environmental problems caused by salinityingress in the coastal belt of Gujarat, the Trusts, along with their partner organizations, launched the “KharashVistarotthanYojana (KVY)”, earlier known as the “Gujarat Coastal Salinity Prevention& Mitigation Initiative”. KVY has attempted to undertake interventions that help communities in coping with the problems, whilst also initiating activities that help mitigate the problems related to salinitydue to sea water ingress (manifested in various forms like in-adequateaccess to qualitydrinking water, reducing agricultural productivity, reduction in the quality of the land holdings and reducing livelihood opportunities to the local communities).

The ongoing fieldprogrammecan be broadly divided into the following group of interventions:

  1. Ground water recharge and other NaturalResourceManagement interventions toenhance the quality of assets of the farmers.
  2. Regaining agricultural dynamism by introducing improved practices, salinityresistant crop varieties and enhancing the efficiency of irrigation.
  3. Securing access to safe drinking water for the rural
  4. Formation of Community Based Organizations and enhancing the institutional capacities of the communities tomanage their scarce resources.
  5. Education and Skill Building

Under CSPC, partnerships have been built with over 17 organisations and various salinity mitigation initiatives have been undertaken across over 936 salinity-affected villages in 10 coastal districts, 23 blocks covering approximately 105000 households

Our Vision

Evolve sustainable approaches for prevention and mitigation of salinity ingress, whilst enhancing livelihood resilience of communities affected by salinity in coastal villages of Gujarat.

Our Mission

  • Develop a scientific integrated natural resource management model to prevent salinity ingression.
  • Enhance incomes of households through Agricultural and allied activities and market linkages.
  • Improve drinking water and sanitation services of Coastal villages of Gujarat.
  • Develop and strengthen community institutions to ensure sustainability of interventions.

Our Philosophy

The overall philosophy of CSPC is to promote greater interaction and learning between practitioners, researchers and policy makers so that the unique problem of coastal salinity is understood, solutions implemented and policies and programs modified or formulated to scale up solutions.